Elsewhere, the flight of the seasons has long overtaken.

My return has been long overdue.

Yet, all that I could remember now was myself falling into a deep slumber.

For some reason however it did not felt as though I have been gone for too long.

Still, I could not help but to wonder…

But I would suppose that if anyone were to have been gone from this world for as far as I have, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider if these were all simply just a dream.

The overcast clouds hung above the sky steadily accumulating its weight…


The sheepman awakes in the early hours of the morning as the sheep begins to stir.

But have it ever occurred to you that perhaps the sheepman was the one who adjusted himself to the sheep’s schedule rather than otherwise.

And so…Why do the sheepman’s world matters?


Let me begin by first talking about the sheep.

The sheep’s intelligence is in fact on par with that of the cattle, merely a rank below that of a pig. …

Like savage beast from the wild these memories sped towards me as I lived out my last moment.

And the realm between dreams and reality collides.


Jamais Vu.

Suppose nostalgia comes from visions deferred

Suppose this, suppose man will live infinite amount of lives and that each regret we’ve held in the previous lifetime is carried on to the next.

What is the meaning of life then ?

That i wondered.

Trudging on in the rain as i hoped for the rain to wash away the emptiness that had coagulated around my heart.

I flipped a coin.



“You know I would damage upon you just to feel pain myself.”

“You might. But I’m certain that you will rush down immediately to catch me .”

“Catch you?”

She laughed as she muttered that thought to herself.

Laid before his eyes was an broken soul so frail and fragile she would break if she went out of his sight.

How could she ever hurt anyone? He shook his head at the thought of that. All she could ever do was to inflict damage upon herself whilst she allowed the pain to eat away at her apathy.

She was constantly…

I’ve once read off an text that when people passes on we grieve only because we lose whatever meaning they’ve once held for us.


“2075,” he mouthed to himself. He’d better remember his last connection to the physical world. There was no way of knowing if there’s any certainty where or when he would open his eyes again.

At seventy, he was merely an old man lying in his ward. Lonely, frail and fragile. Any gust of wind will send him growling in pain.

Rheumatism. He was developing an ache as the wind grew stronger.

“ Sir, so how have…

“What if I forget?” she muttered under her breath

“I will remind you.”

she remained silent as her eyes darted to the window beside him.

His figure was growing more and more vague by the minute. And she found herself unable to utter a single word.

A long silence stood before them for what seems like eternity.

Maybe the weight of the silence did something silly to her and she cracked into an deadpan laughter not before delivering her thoughts.

“You know, sometimes I pretend you don’t even exist in the physical world and that I made you up in…

Tan Wei

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